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Enhancing the female experience through intentional wellness

in america, Your health and well-being depend on who you are and where you come from

how could A trillion dollar industry, with a 3.6% annual growth rate forget about us?


there is a huge diversity issue in the wellness industry

we, as latina women, will not sit by and wait for the industry to catch up! Our support system encompasses mental, physical, and self-care for ALL Women Regardless of Background and socioeconomic status


women matter

Women Who Thrive provides a 360-degree holistic solution. through the sale of our in-office Corporate Wellness Programs, we can subsidize educational workshops and networking events for all females, helping us to further build a community of diverse women. This in turn, allows us to provide complimentary wellness programming for underprivileged females in UNDER-SERVED communities.

We will empower and unite all women of different backgrounds through wellness and sisterhood.

Securing our own wellness means we are one step closer to sustainable leadership, sustainable ideas and an undeniable ability to show up in the world with strong, audible voices. Whether in the boardroom, classroom or any other environment, we will not allow thriving to be suppressed by a disregard of prioritizing wellness needs.
— Ashlee Carlisle (President, Board of Directors)


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