donation-based wellness and educational workshops that are open to all women, help us create and implement educational and wellness programming to underprivileged women in schools and shelters.


Networking Events & Workshops

Women Who Thrive understands the importance of networking! Through our donation based networking events and workshops, we guarantee: You will make the right connections, You will meet a diverse group of women from all different backgrounds and industries, You will leave Inspired! Events and workshops will be centered around a variety of educational topics including wellness, community activism, financial literacy and much more… All proceeds will go to our wellness programming for women and young girls in under-served communities.


Let Women Who Thrive give you the platform to speak, for a woman who uses her voice is an empowered woman! Although Women Who Thrive will not be affiliated with any political party, we believe in mobilizing and speaking up for women’s rights. We believe that injustice must be met with activism and resistance. Therefore, when it comes to women’s rights, Women Who Thrive will unite, speak up and take social action.

Social Responsibility

Women Who Thrive believes in the power of giving back! It is our moral right and social responsibility to help others less fortunate than ourselves. That is why we are volunteering and dedicating our time to the following…

In partnerships with various women shelters, we will provide wellness programming for women. Services will range from emotional and well-being support, social engagement and fitness and nutritional workshops.

teaching our girls the value of prioritizing their own wellness is a must ! Our female adolescent leadership program, Girls Who Thrive, will allow students to understand their purpose and how to use their natural & learned skill sets and innate characteristics to come to terms with who they are and their desired path. focus on job readiness and leadership training, we will empower the next generation of female leaders.